Conbini was founded as a crazy dream. To compete with giants. To come from nothing with almost no money and to create a legacy that will last 1000 years. Dramatic, but this is what drives us. To create an ethical company, that treats employees and customers as respected and honored guests. To deliver an experience of an entirely different and amazing culture to the west. To bring sweetness and joy into the lives of others. That is what makes us get up in the morning.

Founded in 2017, Conbini is brand new company. However, we have a great commitment to quality. Though we believe in starting as soon as possible from wherever you are. Therefore, we are striving to improve our service and products constantly.

Please contact us if you are interested in selling our products as a local vendor. We have free promotional materials for you to use. Additionally, please don’t hesitate to ask sponsorships if you are part of a group or organization spreading Japanese culture to the world. We would always like to hear from you, please tweet us anytime!