The Modern Chocolate RevolutionChocolate has revolutionized itself so much since it was discovered. It’s not just a sweet treat anymore it has been a huge part of human life since the time it was discovered, now that we have covered the historical importance of chocolate, it’s time for the industrial era of chocolate next.

Fry’s invention of the solid chocolate bar was the turning point in the evolution of chocolate. It became the benchmark of the different types and shapes chocolate took over the years.




In 1875, the first milk chocolate was created by Daniel Peter, it was a happy surprise when he mixed condensed milk with chocolate.



The industrial era of chocolate began its manufacturing process and gave birth to chocolate giant industries such as Cadbury, Nestle, Hershey’s and Mars during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Cadbury -



In 1869 chocolate giant Cadbury began production of small chocolate candies and started making revenue


Milk chocolate was next to hit the shelfs produced by the famous company now known as Nestle. Although it was Daniel Peter who discovered the milk chocolate first, it was actually Henri Nestle, a food scientist who perfected the taste and together they opened up the company Nestle.

More manufacturers chocolate such as Lindt and Hershey’s started rising to power, after the conching machine was discovered by Rudolph Lindt in 1879 which creates a rich smooth texture of the chocolate and gives it that rich, creamy, melt in your mouth taste. Today it takes roughly about 12 hours for the conching process to finish. It’s all thanks to the conching machine that we’re able to get chocolate fondant and other creamy forms.


Machines1851 was the year that Americans were introduced to chocolate cream candies or ‘bon bons’ as they used to call it.

The idea of chocolate filled with nuts or pralines came forward in 1895 by Jean Neuhaus. They started being all the rage in Belgium and became so popular that separate boxes had to be made for them.

The renowned chocolate, Hershey’s Kisses, was manufactured in the 1900’s when Milton Hershey opened up his own chocolate factory and started mass production. It was due to the drop in sugar and cocoa prices, that the chocolate bar was available to the common masses, up until then chocolate was a rich privilege.





In 1926, the Draps family opened up the very famous Godiva chocolate company in Belgium. It soon began competing with international markets of Hershey’s and Nestle. Since a lot of chocolate manufacturing companies began popping up around Europe, the brand wars began to take place between the companies and brand names became equally important. Advertising played an important part for the chocolate brands.



The Second World War that took place in 1939 included chocolate as rations for the American soldiers.



The soldiers were rationed up to 4 ounces per week, per person. As the chocolate prices dropped during the war times, it started becoming equally valued and easily available to the masses. It was so valued that chocolate was even used as currency which was used to pay the soldiers for their part in the war. It was a huge powerful economic force at the time. Advertising and the world war played an important part in the popularity of this sweet treat to the rest of the world.


Image5After the war was over, chocolate was still only available in Europe and some parts of America. The rest of the world had to literally spy its way to get their hands on this sweet treat. It was in 1980 that a Swiss chocolatier secretly tried to sell the recipe for making chocolate and that’s how it spread to Asian countries of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc.

Moving on to the 2000’s, this new generation of manufacturing chocolate knows no bounds. Today, the annual consumption of chocolate is approximately 600,000 tons worldwide. The chocolate pioneers of the 2000s have left no stone unturned when it comes to the modern evolution of this sweet dessert. From pralines, to cookies and other decadent chocolate desserts, it has definitely come a long way. To many more years of chocolate desserts to come, here’s to the Mayans who deserve all the love in the world for introducing this sweet treat to us.


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